Eco Policy

We can all make a difference, and your support means you care about the fragile eco system you have the privilege of diving in.

  • Fantasea Divers promote responsible diving practices and enjoyment through observation and appreciation rather than collection and destruction.
  • Our daily diving adventures are selected around environmental considerations including tides and surface conditions to allow environmentally sensitive access to designated entry/exit points.
  • We promote Project Aware donations when certifying a new or continuing education diver
  • All our Instructors and Guides provide environmental dive briefings.
  • Dive Guides are always in-water with guests for safety and environmental protection.
  • Maximum Group size for novice divers is 4 per Dive Guide
  • Maximum Group size for experienced divers is 6 per Dive Guide.
  • We ensure our guests exhibit good buoyancy before taken to pristine dive sites.
  • We enforce refresher dives for our guests who have not dived in 6 months or more.
  • We provide a professional videographer to avoid from potentially environmentally detrimental ‘home movies’ by the inexperienced hand.
  • We regularly contribute to responsible underwater and coastal rubbish collection.
  • We implement and follow local diving agreements.

Fantasea Divers

  • Are culturally sensitive to local Bedouin and Egyptian communities.
  • Ensure the rubbish collection and responsible disposal from remote locations and safaris.
  • Use native plants for aesthetic purposes rather than succulents or lawns that require excessive watering and are not desert-tolerant.
  • Donate to local community projects.
  • Train and employ local Bedouin and Egyptian Dive Professionals up to Divemaster.
  • Train and employ local Bedouin Desert Guides and Drivers.

Fantasea Divers definitely DO NOT...

  • Feed fish for customer satisfaction.
  • Handle marine life or collect souvenirs.
  • Promote all-in uneducated trash dives.
  • Sanction any fishing practices (reserved purely for local Bedouin’s needs).
  • Access virgin sites without environmentally sensitive access points or permission from National Parks authorities.

Responsible Tourism

By choosing to dive with Fantasea Divers - Dahab you are choosing…

  • To respect the local community, the local people and culture.
  • To help conserve the Eco-system, protected areas and bio diversity.
  • To help support the local people.
  • To put the local people, their culture and environment first.
Coral Reef Conservation

Reef Etiquette

Please follow these guidelines and help conserve our incredible reefs:

  • Always use marked entry and exit points and avoid standing on the edges of reef tables.
  • Practice neutral buoyancy to prevent fin damage to corals.
  • Avoid touching corals. The slightest touch can damage the corals’ protective membrane causing irreversible damage.
  • If you see plastic bags or floating debris pick it up and dispose of it responsibly