Take a trip to some of the less explored parts of Dahab

With camel, jeep or boat safaris available let us take you on a journey of discovery beyond the usual Dahab Dive sites and into remote pristine diving locations, rarely dived and teaming with life.

With over twenty years experience of organizing Dive Safaris in Dahab, our expertise on overday Dive Safaris to longhaul 3,6 & 10 Days Dive Safaris, overnight nomadic camp equipment and knowledge of the local region, Fantasea Divers guarantees you an unforgettable experience and mind blowing dives.

Camel Safari Dahab

Camel Safari

Load up your personal ship of the desert and take a trip to some of the less explored and inaccessible Dive Sites of Dahab. From overday Camel Dive Safaris to Ras Abu Galloum & Gabr el Bint, to longer Dive Safaris with overnight camps to Nabq & Ras Mohamed National Park, Fantasea Divers not only have the logistical knowledge of the region, but also overnight nomadic camps, to make your journey as comfortable as possible.

Mini Boat Safari

Boat Safari

Boat Dive Safaris out of Dahab are not the norm, as most of the diving in Dahab is done from the shore, but sometimes it is good to mix things up a little and add a Boat Dive Safaris to your Dahab Dive Holiday. At Fantasea Divers we offer different Boat Dive Safaris, from Day Safaris to Gabr el Bint to 3 Days Get Wrecked Boat Dive Safaris.

Jeep Diving Safari around Dahab

Jeep Safari

When heading off to Ras Mohamed or Nabq National Park, 4x4 Jeeps are the best mode of transport. Not only can they take us off road to reach the remote dive sites within Egypt’s National Parks, but they can be loaded up with equipment for our Overday or 2 Days Jeep Dive Safaris. Being able to go off road, 4x4 Jeep Dive Safaris also allow us to dive sites that we not necessarily on the same spot, so we can cover a greater distance of coastline.

The two most famous destinations for either camel or boat diving around Dahab are:

Both are pristine diving areas with incredible, untouched coral that will amaze and astound you.

Check Out all Dahab Dive Sites

Ras Abu Galum Camel Safari

Ras Abu Galum is a small Bedouin village, located north of the Blue Hole. It is a protected marine area, with many different ecosystems represented there. Your trip to Ras Abu Galum starts with a drive to the Blue Hole, after which you and your equipment take the one and a half hour journey to the site by camel. As you travel along the rocky path, with the sea on one side and the mountains on the other, a sense of awe at the natural beauty surrounds you and that’s before you even dive into the water and see the gorgeous coral formations underwater.

Once you have arrived at the site, your Bedouin hosts for the day will greet you with a cup of tea for you to enjoy while you receive your briefing for the first dive. A traditional lunch will also be provided for you.

One day or overnight trips can be arranged and usually require a minimum of four people. The price of this trip includes lunch, tea, coffee water and transfers.

Please contact us for more information.

Gabr El Bint Boat Trip

Gabr El Bint means the "Grave of the Little Girl" and it is the Southernmost dive site of Dahab that can be reached in about 45 minutes by boat.

Meet your day boat at the local marina and feel welcome the moment you step on board. With confortable areas for you to relax, great food and endless tea and coffee this trip is one not to miss. Many of those who live in Dahab regularly make this trip to celebrate special occasions.

Once you have arrived at the dive site, plunge into the clear blue water and enjoy all that it has to offer from beautiful, untouched coral to incredible marine life and the occasional visit of creatures not regularly found in Dahab. This site is not just for divers as parts of the reef are shallow enough for snorkelers to enjoy too, making this the perfect day out for all the family.

The price of this trip includes lunch, tea, coffee water and transfers

Gabr El Bint Camel Safari

Whilst now we usually journey to Gabr el Bint by boat, in years past it was the safari to do by camel, the mountain scenery, amazing coastal views and nature encountered in the early morning trek is an experience not to be missed.

After driving to the Southern Oasis to meet your camels, you will then journey along the coast for two hours before arriving at the shoreline of Gabr el Bint. Unlike Ras Abu Galum, this area is deserted so jeeps carrying supplies for the day will accompany you. Upon arriving at the site, we will construct a basic shelter to protect you from the sun during your time on the surface. This practical and non evasive accommodation will also serve as dining for the incredible meal you will be served, cooked to your time frame.

The beauty continues once you get under the water as Gabr el Bint has beautiful fan corals, Gorgonaians and school upon school of fish. Some lucky divers there have even been known to see whale sharks.

The price of this trip includes lunch, tea, coffee water and transfers.

Nabq National Park by Jeep

The vast National Park of Nabq lies just South of Dahab and offers an amazing expanse of desert and coastal area with a unique eco-system and geologic highlights to be seen. Travelling by 4x4 Jeep you will have the chance to explore the park with its rocky valleys, mangrove system and enjoy great scuba diving along it’s coastline. The result of fresh running from the mountain range into the sea has created this diverse mix up of mangroves and sea grass with coral reef of hard & soft corals. Scuba Diving in Nabq is very different from Dahab or Sharm dive sites and for advanced level divers.

Heading south out of Dahab, we take to the asphalt road until turning off road into Wadi Gabella and driving to reach the coast. This 1.5hr journey, take us into another world of ship wrecks, Bedouin fishing village, palm trees and beautiful beaches. Once we reach our first dive sites in Nabq National park, we unload equipment and set up lunch camp in one of the many beach huts.

Diving in Nabq National Park can be strenuous depending of the time of year, but well worth the effort once you get underwater and check out what lies below.

Lunch is freshly prepared on the open fire and our particularly favorite on Dive Safari is a wonderful Bedouin vegetable dish, baked in silver foil over hot coals, eaten along with freshly baked Bedouin bread.

The coast of Nabq National Park runs app 600 square kilometers and is abundant in wildlife, plants, sand dunes and mangroves, meaning that there are plenty of accessible dive sites to choose from.

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