Want to scuba dive in Dahab, Egypt?

Daily Guided Dives

Our daily Guided Dives generally run twice a day, and depart at 09:00hrs and return about 16:00hrs. Dive locations are chosen with the divers level of certification in mind and the days weather conditions.

If you’re feeling particularly dive hungry Night dives, Sunrise & Sunset dives can be booked on location and generally a day in advance.

  • Scuba Diving Dahab
  • Red Sea Bannerfish in Dahab

Group Sizes & Levels

The maximum depth limit for recreational diving in Dahab and the Red Sea is 30m, unless you are taking the PADI Deep Specialty then the Maximum Depth is 40m for this course. Open Water divers are restricted to a maximum depth of 18m with the group size for Open Water being a maximum of 4 divers per Guide.

At Fantasea Divers It is our policy not to mix Novice & experienced Divers in the same group unless they are buddy partners and have agreed to maintain the Open Water Max depth of 18m. The maximum group number for experienced divers AOW+ per Guide is 6 divers.

If you do not wish to dive in a group we will be pleased to arrange a Private Guide for you.

PADI ReActivate

This new PADI program is aimed at certified divers who have been out of the water for a prolonged period of time 1 year or more and offers a prescriptive and enjoyable way to brush up on basic diving knowledge and skills from the PADI Open Water course helping you regain comfort and confidence in the water. On completion you will receive a replacement certification card with a ReActivated date on it

ReActivate Touch or ReActivate Online presents various realistic diving scenarios as though the diver were there.

Water Work 1 DIVE

PADI ReActivate

Check / Orientation Dive

This is a less formal way of getting back in the water for those divers who have not dived for 6 months or more, but are otherwise confident & competent divers and is required by the Diving Authorities that license dive centers. So after completing a quick review quiz on general diving principles your Dive master will brief you on the skills that you will perform including equipment assembly, buddy check, signal review, mask clearing, alternate air source use, regulator recovery & clearing & buoyancy control, an all important skill when diving around our coral reefs.

  • Guided Dives

  • For certified divers
  • INCLUDED: Guide, Tank & Weights
  • Half Day - 1 Dive € 25
  • 1 Day - 2 Dives € 50
  • 2 Days - 4 Dive € 100
  • 3 Days - 6 Dives € 140
  • 4 Days - 8 Dives € 185
  • 5 Days - 10 Dives € 215
  • 10 Days - 20 Dives € 380
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  • Special Dives

  • And equipment rental
  • Night Dive (includes torch) € 37
  • Sunrise Dive € 15 Supplement
  • Sunset Dive € 15 Supplement
  • Nitrox Dives
  • Additional T&W Dives € 22
  • Full equipment can be hired @ € 28 per day
  • 5 Day+ Packages will get their equipment rental half price
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Special Dahab
  • Safari Dives

  • Boat and Camel Dives
  • INCLUDED: Food & Transportation
  • Ras Abu Galum - Camel € ?
  • Ras Abu Galum - Boat € ?
  • Gab El Bint - Camel € ?
  • Gab El Bint - Boat € ?
  • Thistlegorm - Boat € ?
  • Ras Mohammed - Boat € ?
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  • LetuceBox
  • DAN
  • Project AWARE
  • CDWS
  • EDLF