We love nothing more than sharing the beauty of Dahab dive sites

Planning a Scuba Diving Holiday to Dahab for your Dive Club, School / University or a Group of Friends can be a daunting and sometimes thankless task when there are so many aspects to think about. Here is where Fantasea Divers can help you. We excel at creating outstanding and unique scuba diving trips and have a very successful track record when it comes to operating with small or large dive groups. You and your group can rest assured that you will have a safe, fun and memorable experience, both on land and underwater.

Our experience in the technical & logistical elements of the dive operation required for groups or schools ensure that a daily routine is established that leads to the smooth & efficient operation of all diving activities. Safety briefings, O2 & First Aid on location are provided prior to each dive to ensure and reinforce safe diving practices whether you are at a remote dive site, on safari or diving locally.

We can provide tailor-made Scuba Diving Holiday itineraries in Dahab to suit the requirements of your group even when there are divers at different dive levels and experience. Open Water divers are grouped in fours whilst experienced divers AOW+ dive in a maximum group size of 6.

Some of our Groups or Schools use their time with us to complete their Open Water Training or Continuing Education courses, (using either our Instructors to complete the training) or their own, with a required member of our Dive Staff providing non evasive in water supervision.

Dive the Best of Dahab with Fantasea Divers, with our 20 years PADI membership and British Technical Manager you can be assured that you are diving with divers who wish to share their passion for Dahab Diving with you.

Contact us today, safe in the knowledge that we will do everything to make sure that your dive group, will have a truly amazing time.

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