Blue Hole

Probably the most famous dive site in Dahab

El Bells to Blue Hole

One of the most famous dive sites in the Red Sea situated 12 km north of Dahab. The Blue Hole has an almost circular shape 150 meters wide and 110 meters deep and connects with the sea through a tunnel 26 meters long at a depth of 52 meters (for technical divers only). The best way to enjoy this dive site is by doing a drift dive starting at El Bells (situated 250 meters north) and finishing the dive in the Blue Hole.

El Bells is a half open chimney that reaches a depth of 30 meters and have an arch at 26 meters. The wall is there magnificent. It is vertical and in part overhanging with a rich growth of black corals and elephant ear sponges and sea fans. In the deep blue, chance is to spot Yellow fin Tunas, Orange spotted Trevallies, school of Red Sea Fusiliers, and the resident Napoleon Wrasses. By getting shallower and closer to the lip of the Blue Hole the attraction is also lying on the rich sloping reef. The saddle which allows the entrance to the inside of the Blue Hole is 7 meters deep only. Here is a beautiful coral garden teeming of life. The end of the dive will enable you to skirt around the inner walls of the Blue Hole where you could observe Octopus, many Starfishes and Scorpionfishes.




From shore

Experience Level

Advanced Open Water

Great For

Reef Dive, Coral Wall, Large Animals

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