The Canyon

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The Canyon

This site takes its name from a long, narrow and very beautiful canyon created by an ancient volcanic activity. The huge fissure now overgrown with hard and soft corals runs north to south from the shallow reef just off shore to a depth of around 54 meters on the reef slope further out (ideal for technical divers).

Access to the site is through a shallow and sandy lagoon laying a few steps form the shore line. It is inhabited by a rich fauna comprising Butterfly fishes, Bluespine Unicorn fishes, Cornet fishes and even juvenile Barracudas. On the most western point there is a saddle serving as an entry (and exit) point to the open sea and a coral garden. Among the large range of reef fish here, some notable residents include the Pufferfish, Snappers, Lyretail and Coral Grouper, Basslets and Red Sea Anthias.

The entry to the Canyon is done through it largest point at 22 meters. The progression through the Canyon is easy and the light effect caused by the sun rays is surreal.
The exit It is no longer possible to exit the Canyon from the Fishbowl therefore ascend the same way as descent.. The numerous small cracks of this coral block allow the air bubbles emitted by scuba divers to escape giving a fantastic touch to the scenery.




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Cave, Coral Reef, Overhead Environment

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