Moray Garden

A gentle and relaxed dive site

Southern Oasis

Dahab's Southern Oasis is a collection of easy & moderate dive sites, accessible from the shore and can be dived in all weathers.

Moray Garden

Accessible in all weather and suitable for training

This dive site is situated just between Golden Blocks and 3 Pools. The bay is always sheltered from the wind. This gentle dive condition makes it an easy and relaxed dive that can suit both beginners and experienced divers.

The dive starts with a sandy slope followed first by a coral formation which is a good place to look for Scorpionfishes and Anemone fishes and then by an extensive patch of sea grass where Hawksbill Turtles have been seen. There are beautiful table coral and coral garden at a depth of 25m where it is common to see the Red Sea Nembrotha (Nudibranchs).




From shore

Experience Level

Open Water Diver

Great For

Table corals, Turtles, Nudibranchs

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