Ras Abu Helal

"Cape of the growing moon"

Ras Abu Helal

Ras Abu Helal which means "Cape of the growing moon" is situated 3 km south of the Canyon. This extensive site features an inshore reef top dropping steeply to a sandy lagoon of 10 meters maximum depth with a semicircular shape. This dive site features also at a depth of more than 30 m a small narrow canyon (for which the site is named as well) which lies beyond the scope of recreational diving.

The surrounding coral garden throughout the site is excellent and fish life is equally diverse. Among the hundreds of reef species, notable residents are Unicorns, big Groupers, Triggerfishes, starry Puffers and Wrasses. Hawksbill turtles are also common here.




From shore

Experience Level

Advanced Open Water

Great For

Coral Garden, Diverse Marine Life, Turtles

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