Um Sid

The southern oasis treasures

Southern Oasis

Dahab's Southern Oasis is a collection of easy & moderate dive sites, accessible from the shore and can be dived in all weathers.

Um Sid

This dive site is situated between The Three Pools and Caves dive sites.The entry follows a narrow sandy slope and the reef plates start on both side of it. On the right side a huge coral block starts from 15 meters and reach 5 meters depth and is covered of a good variety of soft and hard corals, Sponges and Damselfishes and Anthias.

The dive is done toward the North section. Following the sandy slope there is a small garden of Eels and a patch of sea grass with double-ended Pipefish. Along the reef plate, look out for Scorpionfishes and coral Groupers. The Red Sea fusiliers and Unicorns are very common here as well. Swimming over the sandy plateau, you will be surprised by the quantity and quality and sizes of the Acroporas (table coral).




From shore

Experience Level

Open Water Diver

Great For

Reef Dive, Table Corals, Garden Eels

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